CSA Midyear Meeting

Fredericksburg, VA
October 24-25, 2014

Plans are now finalized for a joint midyear gathering with the Virginia Postal History Society (Col. Wayne Farley, President) on Friday Oct 24th and Saturday the 25th 2014 in Historic Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

Details are now available on our conventions page. Make your plans and reservations to attend today. Registration forms are now available online..


What Happens at Mid-Year Meetings and Annual Conventions

by CSA President Richard Murphy

At the recent Sarasota convention, it dawned on yours truly and Gen.
Trish Kaufmann that new, and not so new, members to the Confederate
Stamp Alliance really have little idea about what occurs at CSA annual
conventions or mid-years.

The following paragraphs are an attempt to enlighten and demystify
these get-togethers.

The annual convention or meeting is a three-day event held at a stamp show with dealer bourses and exhibits. Exhibits are judged by APS accredited judges, and all CSA exhibits are also judged by
a team of CSA members led by the CSA vice president. The CSA has its own awards, which are judged by knowledgeable CSA members.
The stamp show awards are normally presented at the Saturday evening banquet.

The CSA has a traditional “Southern Supper” on Friday nights, so as not to conflict with the stamp show’s banquet on Saturday evening. The Southern Supper, usually preceded by a cocktail hour, is hosted by a local CSA colonel or general. During the dinner, the trustees present exhibition awards, annual Dietz and Haydn Myer awards and the CP Writers award for the preceding year. There is a moment of silence for members who have passed on since the last meeting. Additionally, recognition is paid to: CSA generals who are present, the member with the lowest number, the longest traveled attendee and fifty year members. As the title says, supper with a Southern flavor is served.
Spouses and guests are always welcome to participate fully in all CSA functions and local trips. In addition to the Southern Supper, there
is an annual members meeting on Saturday morning, held by the trustees to inform members about the state of the Alliance and to discuss future projects meetings.

What is the cost of the annual meeting and Southern Supper? The
trustees’ goal is to break even at annual meetings. The member cost
to attend the Southern Supper also supports meeting room fees, as well as the hospitality room and its snacks and beverages. The hospitality room is just that: a place for members, spouses and guests to socialize, show philatelic items or share the “newly found
treasures” from the bourse.

The mid-year meeting is a gathering of members and guests, usually staggered six months between annual meetings. The venue
city is one that has no stamp show, but has local and Civil War points of interest. It is a Friday and Saturday event, with a bourse of CSA dealers, that is less formal than the annual meeting. The idea is that members can bring some of their collections for display, to discuss information or to swap. A hospitality room is available for evenings
and a meal, at the venue or a local restaurant, can be scheduled for Saturday evening. The event can be held with local state postal history
societies or Civil War roundtables. It is a great way for new members to meet and discuss their collecting interests with CSA experts.

As with annual meetings, visits and trips are available for members, guests, and spouses. The cost is dependent on whether or not there is a meal. My wife Betty and I plan a few vacation days around both annual and mid-year meetings. It is a great way to spend some time together outside the hectic pace of life. Initially, we knew very
few people in the Alliance. Today, the social interactions are as satisfying as the philatelic ones.

I hope the fog is lifted and there is a better understanding of the Alliance’s functions. I and all the Trustees are waiting to warmly welcome fellow collectors and spouses.


Confederate Stamp Alliance and Smithsonian National Postal Museum Scholarship

Applications are now being accepted for a scholarship for original research and analysis relating to the design and/or printing of a specific Confederate stamp issue(s), the Confederate Post Office Department, or an aspect of Confederate postal history. The scholarship, for a sum of up to $2,000, will be a contribution towards expenses including travel costs for a trip(s) to Washington DC or library with Confederate States archives.  The scholarship is available for all academic, scientific and philatelic scholars.  It is designed to enable one to spend an uninterrupted block of time doing research in the NPM library, other Washington DC libraries, or libraries with Confederate States archives on their projects and discussing their work with others.

Complete information can be found on our Collector Resources page.

Peter Powell Named Member Emeritus of the Authentication Service

In recognition of his thirty years of service and detailed knowledge of Confederate stamps and postal history the title of Member Emeritus was bestowed on General Peter W. W. Powell by the Authentication Service.

General Powell recently resigned his position with the Authentication Service. His thirty years of excellent and continuous service to the Authentication Service is an exceptional accomplishment that may never be equaled. The depth of his knowledge of Confederate stamps and postal history has been a positive contribution to the examination process that will be sorely missed.

The NEW Confederate States of America Catalog & Handbook of Stamps and Postal History
a major success.

The much anticipated update, expansion and re-write of August Dietz classical work on Confederate Postal History has gone from "brand new" to "out of print" in only three months.  This six year endeavor on the part of the Confederate Stamp Alliance and its members has been a tremendous success. Congratulations to the editors Patricia A. Kaufmann, Francis J. Crown and Jerry S. Palazolo and to the many other members who contributed to this important contribution to Confederate philately.

For an illustrated and far more in depth look at both the history of prior catalogs and the marvelous changes in this 2012 edition, see A 21st Century Confederate Catalog.

National Postal Museum Announces Launch of Centralized Gateway to World’s Greatest Philatelic Research
The Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum announces the launch of the GlobalPhilatelicLibrary.org website, a centralized information gateway to the world’s greatest philatelic research. Click here for more information.

About Confederate Philately

Much of the history of that short-lived political experiment, the Confederate States of America, was reflected in its stamps, covers, and other postal mementos. The bitter Civil War spanned the entire life of the Confederacy -- the four years from 1861 to 1865 -- and the marks and record of that great struggle are nowhere found more clearly than in the postal history of the "Lost Cause." All collectors of Confederate stamps come to realize this very early in their pursuit, and this fact has much to do with the fascination that the Confederate collector invariably experiences.

There are hundreds of varieties of stampless, Handstamp Paid and Manuscript covers as well as Provisional adhesive stamps and envelopes used before the Confederate government could issue regular stamps. There are 17 major varieties of regular issue Confederate States stamps -- also minor varieties and endless shades.

There are Prisoner-of-War and Flag-of-Truce covers, Express Company markings, Blockade-Run covers to and from Europe, College covers, Official and Semi-Official envelopes, Packet and Steamboat covers, Patriotic covers with their war mottos, covers showing use of United States stamps in the Confederacy, and many interesting letters.

Nowhere else in philately can one find such strange usages, makeshifts and evidences of desperate shortages. There are envelopes made of wallpaper, envelopes used twice over, and United States stamped envelopes seized and overprinted for the use of the Confederacy.

Today Confederate items are almost 150 years old. Some are scarce and hard to find, but many are within reach of all.

More has been written about Confederate stamps and covers -- and still is being written -- than nearly any other specialized field.

Ever had a question regarding a Confederate philatelic item and wish you knew someone who could give you an answer? Well, the CSA recognizes this need and has established a "Mentor Program" whereby you can call or email a very knowledgeable Confederate philatelist and fellow CSA member with your question.

London, 2015

CSA Annual Convention in
Conjunction with EUROPHILEX
May 13th - 16th, 2015

Plans for our Annual Convention taking place in London, England in 2015 are at an advanced stage. Details are in our newsletter or on our conventions page.

May 2014 Newsletter Available

CSA Annual Convention 2014

It's History!

Our annual convention  in Sarasota, FL, was terrific. Lots of dealers, great exhibits, wonderful fellowship and excellent presentations.  Here is a brief summary and photos.

Join the Confederate Stamp Alliance...

The CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE is a non-sectional, non-political organization for fraternity, research and cooperation among a choice group of hundreds of collectors of Confederate stamps, covers, and postal history. Its members' interests cover all possible phases of the stamps and postal history of the War Between the States, both North and South.

The ALLIANCE'S official publication, THE CONFEDERATE PHILATELIST, is published quarterly and sent to all members. It contains original articles on Confederate philately as well as news of the ALLIANCE and its members.

One of the important services available to members of the CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE is its Authentication Service. This panel of experts will issue a formal written opinion on any item submitted by a member for a nominal fee. Any authentication issue should be submitted to the CSA Authentication Service for formal expert review.

Each year the CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE holds its Annual Convention and Exhibition, usually in conjunction with a national or regional show. Anyone who is a student of the War for Southern Independence or who collects or is interested in starting a collection of Confederate or Civil War material in any form will find that membership in Confederate philately's national society provides distinct advantages.

Become A Member.
Please accept our cordial invitation to join the CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE and participate in the many varied activities in this fascinating philatelic field. All are welcome.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE, just access the Membership Application Form below and print it out. The directions for filling out the form and mailing it are self-explanatory. Use the back button to return to this page. 1 May 2012 -- Current Membership stands at 688.

CSA Membership Application


Find out about Confederate philately!
Take a look at these fine articles:

"The REBEL POST: Collecting the Confederate Era" by Gen. Patricia A. Kaufmann is an excellent introduction to Confederate philately

The Confederate Stamp Primer Online The Confederate Stamp Primer Online by Patricia A. Kaufmann is a basic guide for those who don't have access to classic philatelic literature on the subject or for those who do, but would like a quick online reference. You may view just the section in which you are interested or read it systematically from one page to the next. This primer deals only with stamps and not the vast area of postal history covered by The Rebel Post. A section called "Trouble Spots" is being added one treatise at a time to cover such common problems as identifying #11 from #12, London print from Local print, altered plate reprints and more.

You might also want to visit the new "Articles" section of Trish Kaufmann's site which includes The Madison, Florida Postmaster Provisionals - Anatomy of a Postal History Research Project

By William S. Parks

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