7-9 APR 2000


A very successful CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE Convention was recently held 7-9 APR 2000 in Dallas, Texas. Forty-two CSA Members and Guests enjoyed the 55th Traditional Southern Supper held Friday Night 7 APR 2000 at the Dallas Renaissance North Hotel. A fabulous buffet was served, and a good time was had by all. Presiding at the Annual Awards Presentation was newly elected CSA President Col Roger Oswald.

  • The CSA Haydn-Meyer Award for Service was presented to the CSA Provisional Committee Col Jeff Stanley Chairman for all their work on reorganizing and recataloging the Confederate Provisionals which directly resulted in new Scott Catalog Listings.
  • The August Dietz Award for writing was presented to Gen Tony Crumbley for his 4-volume publication on the Post Offices of North Carolina.
  • The CP Writers Award was presented to Col William S. Parks for his Confederate Philatelist article on the Postal History of Grenada, Miss.
  • The Trustees elevated Ron Tate, immediate past president, to the honorary rank of "General."


The following CSA Members Exhibited at the 2000 Convention --

  • Col James Bowman -- "Confederate States of America" -- CSA Trophy and APS Gold Medal
  • Col Ian Tickell -- "Manassas Junction, Confederate Virginia 1861-1862" -- CSA Trustee's Trophy and APS Silver Medal
  • Gen Tony Crumbley -- "Independent State and Confederate Mail of North Carolina" -- CSA John H. Reagan Confederate Postmaster General Award and APS Gold Medal
  • Gen Conrad L. Bush -- "Cancels and Handstamps on Confederate General Issue Stamps" -- CSA Jack E. Molesworth Award and APS Vermeil Medal
  • Col Daniel C. Warren MD -- "The Southern Mail" -- CSA Robert A. Siegel Award and APS Gold Medal
  • Col Charles Channell -- "West Virginia in the Civil War" -- CSA Brian and Maria Green Award and APS Silver Medal


Congratulations to all the exhibitors and thanks for sharing your exhibits with us.

The focus of the Convention was as always the Hospitality Room where members could relax and share Confederate Philatelic Fellowship. Hospitality Room refreshments were donated by Gen Conrad L. Bush, Gen Dick Byne, and Col John L. Kimbrough. Col Gordon Bleuler, local Dallas resident and 53 year member of the Alliance, was also in attendance with part of his fabulous collection. Thanks Gordon for sharing your collection with us. CSA Generals in attendance were Gen Conrad L. Bush, Gen Dick Byne, Gen Tony Crumbley, Gen Trish Kaufmann, Gen Jerry Palazolo, Gen Peter Powell, Gen Frank Crown, Gen McCary Ballard and newly elevated Gen Ron Tate.

Convention and Awards Photos

Photos by John Kimbrough

Col Roger Oswald on the left presenting the August Dietz Award to Gen Tony Crumbley.

Gen Peter Powell, Col Ian Tickell, and Col Dan Warren enjoying the Mint Julip Hour.

Gen Trish Kaufmann
Gen Frank Crown

Col Hubert Skinner, Col Dick Corwin, and Gen Tony Crumbley also enjoying the Mint Julip Hour.

Col Newton Crouch and Col Jim Monroe likewise enjoying the Mint Julip Hour.