VAPEX 2001
16-18 NOV 2001

A very successful CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE Convention was recently held 16-18 NOV 2001 in Virginia Beach, Virginia in conjunction with the VAPEX 2001 WSP Show. Forty-three CSA Members and Guests enjoyed the 56th Traditional Southern Supper held Friday Night 16 NOV 2001 at the Town Point Club in the Norfolk, Virginia World Trade Center. A fabulous gourmet meal was served, and a good time was had by all. Presiding at the Annual Awards Presentation was the outgoing CSA President Col Roger Oswald. The Southern Supper was hosted by local CSA member and CSA President-Elect Col Dan Warren. Our thanks and appreciation to Col Warren for arranging the absolutely wonderful supper and coordinating the entire convention.

  • The CSA Haydn-Meyer Award for Service was presented to Col John L. Kimbrough MD for his tireless efforts in CSA member recruiting and for designing and maintaining the Confederate Stamp Alliance Website.
  • The August Dietz Award for writing was presented to Gen Richard H. Byne for the publication of Vol II of his Confederate States of America Philatelic Subject Index and Bibliography 1962-1999.
  • The CP Writers Award was presented to Col Thomas Lera for his Confederate Philatelist article on the CSA Nitre and Mining Bureau Operations.
  • The Trustees elevated Rick Calhoun to the honorary rank of "General."


The Convention witnessed one of the finest displays of Confederate Philatelic Material ever seen in one place in quite a number of years. And it was raining GOLD on the CSA Member Exhibitors.

The following CSA Members Exhibited at the 2001 Convention --

  • Col Galen Harrison -- "Prisoner's Mail from the American Civil War" -- CSA Trophy and APS Court of Honor
  • Col Roger H. Oswald -- "Confederate States of America Stampless Covers" -- CSA John Kaufmann Memorial Award and APS Gold Medal and APS Award of Excellence Pre-1900
  • Gen Tony Crumbley -- "Independent State and Confederate Mail of North Carolina" -- CSA William G. Bogg Memorial Award and APS Gold Medal and the VAPEX 2001 Reserve Grand Award
  • Gen Conrad L. Bush -- "Cancels and Handstamps on Confederate General Issue Stamps" -- CSA Jack E. Molesworth Award and APS Gold Medal
  • Col Daniel C. Warren MD -- "The Southern Mail" -- CSA John H. Reagan Award and APS Gold Medal
  • Col Van Koppersmith -- "Mobile, Alabama: Outside the Union" -- CSA President's Trophy and APS Gold Medal and the APS Award for Philatelic Research
  • Col James L. D. Monroe -- "Selected Confederate Covers and Their Stories" -- CSA Brian and Maria Green Award and APS Silver Medal
  • Col Robert J. Karrer Jr -- "Charleston, South Carolina: The Confederate Period" -- CSA Robert A Siegel Memorial Award and APS Gold Medal
  • Col Edward Close -- "Prisoner of War Mail from the American Civil War: 1861-1865" (one frame) -- CSA Trustee's Trophy and APS Silver Medal
  • Col Galen Harrison -- "Confederate Virginia from A to Z (a Phonetic Alphabet of Rural Virginia" (one frame) -- CSA Roger Weill Award and APS Silver Medal and AAPE Creativity Award and VPHS Commonwealth Award


In addition to the above Confederate Exhibits, several Confederate Stamp Alliance Members exhibited non-CSA Exhibits as well.

  • Col Joe Holleman -- "For Your Entertainment -- FUN" -- APS Silver-Bronze Medal
  • Col Thomas Lera -- "Celebrated American Caves" -- APS Silver Medal and AAPE Award of Honor
  • Col Dan Warren MD -- "Richmond, Virginia 1786-1799" (one frame) -- APS Platinum Medal and VPHS Patrick Henry Award
  • Col Van Koppersmith -- "Mobile, Alabama: The Introduction of Stamps" -- APS Gold Medal and the US Philatelic Classics Society Medal
  • Col Gene Lightfoot -- "Antebellum Virginia: 1851-1861" (one frame) -- APS Silver Medal and the VPHS Commonwealth Award


Congratulations to all the exhibitors and thanks for sharing your exhibits with us.

As usual the CSA Hospitality Room where members could relax and share Confederate Philatelic Fellowship was open Friday evening after the Southern Supper and again Saturday evening after the show banquet. The Confederate Stamp Alliance members and exhibitors were well represented at the VAPEX Show Banquet as well -- a banquet Saturday night that served a fabulous buffet and is certainly one of the best Show Banquets on the WSP circuit. CSA Generals in attendance at the 2001 Convention were Gen Conrad L. Bush, Gen Tony Crumbley, Gen Trish Kaufmann, Gen Jerry Palazolo, Gen Peter Powell, Gen Frank Crown.

Convention and Awards Photos

Photos by John Kimbrough

Col James Taff (left) and Gen Conrad Bush (right) discussing Confederates at the bourse table.

Gen Frank Crown (left) and CSA President Col Roger Oswald (right) at the CSA Society Table talking over Frank's new book "Preliminary Census of Georgia Postmasters' Provisionals."

Col Jack Molesworth and his wife actually operating a bourse table on the floor of the show. Will wonders never cease.

Col Ed Close (left) manning the CSA Society Table with Col Phil Warman (right).

Southern Supper with from left Gen Trish Kaufmann, Col Stanley Piller, Col and Mrs. Ron Teffs, and Darryl Boyer.

CSA President Col Roger Oswald presiding at the podium with CSA President-Elect Col Dan Warren at the right.

Col Dan Warren (left) presenting the Haydn-Meyer Award for service to Col John Kimbrough.

Col Dan Warren (right) presenting the Jack E. Molesworth Award to Gen Conrad L. Bush.

Col Roger Oswald (right) presenting the President's Trophy Award to Col Van Koppersmith.

Col Dan Warren (right) presenting the Trustee's Trophy Award to Col Ed Close.

Col Dan Warren (right) presenting the Robert A. Siegel Memorial Award to Col Robert Karrer.

Col Dan Warren (left) presenting the John Kaufmann Memorial Award to Col Roger Oswald. And then the tables turned as Col Oswald then presented the John H. Reagan Award to Col Warren.

Col Roger Oswald (right) presenting the Brian and Maria Green Award to Col Jim Monroe.

Col Dan Warren (right) presenting the William G. Bogg Memorial Award to Col Tony Crumbley.