26-28 JUL 2002

A very successful CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE Convention was recently held 26-28 JUL 2002 in Charlotte NC in conjunction with the CHARPEX 2002 Show. Seventy CSA Members and Guests enjoyed the 57th traditional Southern Supper held Saturday Night 27 JUL 2002 at the Charlotte Renaissance Suites Hotel. An absolutely fabulous Carolina Buffet was served, and a good time was certainly had by all. Presiding at the Annual Awards Presentation was CSA President Col Dan Warren MD. The Southern Supper was hosted by local CSA member and Past President Gen Tony Crumbley while local CSA member Col Richard Canupp served as Show Chairman. Our thanks and appreciation to Gen Crumbley and Col Canupp for a job very well done. The following special sponsors also deserve to be singled out with a round of thanks and appreciation.

  • CSA Member Col Scott Trepel of Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries in New York City who entirely sponsored the Social Hour prior to the Southern Supper.
  • CSA Member Col James Taff of Sacramento, Ca who sponsored Souvenir Tote Bags which were given to all CSA members in attendance.
  • Krause Publications who donated new USA Minkus Catalogs which were also given to all CSA members in attendance.
  • Alan Blair Auctions who conducted a very successful auction of CSA material during the convention on Friday evening.


The presentation of the CSA Awards took place at the Southern Supper.

  • The CSA Haydn-Meyer Award for Service was presented to Gen Jerry Palazolo, past president and current chairman of the CSA Authentication Committee, for his many years of service to the Alliance.
  • The August Dietz Award for writing was presented to Col Leonard Hartmann for his publications on his ongoing new research on the lithograph and typograph stamps.
  • The CP Writers Award was presented to Col William Parks for his series of three articles on the Postal History of Vicksburg, Miss and a fourth article on the Postal History of Holly Springs, Miss.


The shows exhibits were with only one exception strictly Confederate. But since this was not an APS sponsored WSP Show, only CSA awards were presented and APS awards were not given. The following CSA Members exhibited at the 2002 Convention --

  • Gen Ron Tate -- "Confederate States of America Scott #1 & #4" -- CSA Trophy
  • Gen Peter W. W. Powell -- "Confederate Fakes and Counterfeits" -- non-competitive
  • Gen Peter W. W. Powell -- "Cancels of the Confederacy" -- Jack E. Molesworth Award
  • Col Bryson Bateman -- "The Goldsborough NC Post Office 1861-1865" -- General's Award and local North Carolina Postal History Society Award
  • Col Ed Cantey -- "Columbia SC Confederate Mail" -- President's Trophy
  • Gen Tony Crumbley -- "Provisional Issues of North Carolina 1861-1865" -- Trustee's Trophy
  • Gen Roger Oswald -- "Confederate States of America Stampless Covers" -- Robert A Siegel Memorial Award and local Best of Show Award
  • Col Dan Warren -- "The Southern Mail" -- John A. Kaufmann Memorial Award
  • Gen Brian Green, Col Maria Green, Col (junior member) Alexander Lee Green -- "Confederate General's Mail" -- William G. Bogg Memorial Award


Congratulations to all the exhibitors and thanks for sharing your exhibits with us.

Convention Activities in addition to the very well attended Alan Blair Auction on Friday evening also included two major presentations on Saturday afternoon --

  • Col Leonard Hartmann presented his work on the "CSA 10ct De La Rue Altered Plate."
  • Gen Jerry Palazolo, Gen Trish Kaufmann, Gen Peter Powell, Gen Frank Crown, Col Scott Trepel presided over a panel discussion presentation on "CSA Provisionals."


The General Business Meeting was held Saturday morning, and the minutes from that meeting will be published in the "Confederate Philatelist." The important news for all CSA members is that the Alliance archives and research materials that were formerly stored at the Wineburgh Library at the University of Texas in Richardson TX have now all been moved to the APRL in State College PA (American Philatelic Research Library). The archives are now on permanent loan to the APRL and are under the direct care of professional librarians. The material will all be cataloged, and access to the items for research purposes should now be much more convenient for the members.

As is a tradition with CSA Conventions, a well-stocked Hospitality Room is available for relaxation and philatelic fellowship. The 2002 Charlotte Convention was certainly no exception. The Hospitality Room provided meeting facilites for after show hours get togethers. CSA Generals in attendance at the 2002 Convention were Gen Brian Green, Gen Tony Crumbley, Gen Trish Kaufmann, Gen Jerry Palazolo, Gen Peter Powell, Gen Frank Crown, Gen Richard Byne, Gen Roger Oswald, Gen Ron Tate, Gen Rick Calhoun, Gen Harry McDowell, Gen Jack Solomon.

Convention and Awards Photos

Photos by John Kimbrough

Col Leonard Hartmann (left) and Gen Jack Solomon (center) at Col Jack Molesworth's (right) Bourse Table

Col Stanley Piller (left) at his Bourse Table with Gen Frank Crown

Col Jim Taff (left) at his Bourse Table with Col Stanley Piller in the background

Suncoast Stamps with Col Phil Warman (right) and his son Vicar Warman (left) manning the table

The Green Family -- Gen Brian, Col Maria, Col Jr Alexander Lee with their "Generals" Exhibit

Relaxing after the show -- Col Jim Taff (left), Col Phil Warman (center), Col Dick Hall (right)

Southern Supper -- Col Kevin Baker (left), Gen Peter Powell (right)

Southern Supper -- Gen Jerry Palazolo (left), Gen Trish Kaufmann (center), Col Stefan Jaronski (right)

Southern Supper Fellowship

Col Dan Warren (CSA President left) presenting the Haydn-Meyer Award to Gen Jerry Palazolo

Col Dan Warren (left) presenting the August Dietz Award to Col Leornard Hartmann

Gen Rick Calhoun (center) with Col Rex Felton (right) presenting the CSA Trophy to Gen Ron Tate

Col Rex Felton (right) presenting the Jack Molesworth Award to Gen Peter Powell

Gen Rick Calhoun (center) presenting the General's Award to Col Bryson Bateman

Gen Rick Calhoun (right) presenting the President's Trophy to Col Ed Cantey

Col Rex Felton (right) presenting the Robert A. Siegel Memorial Award to Gen Roger Oswald

Gen Rick Calhoun (center) and Col Rex Felton (right) presenting the John A. Kaufmann Memorial Award to Col Dan Warren