The 2004 CSA Convention
Sarasota, Florida

A very successful CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE Convention was held 6-8 FEB 2004 in Sarasota, Florida in conjunction with the Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition. CSA Members and Guests enjoyed the 59th traditional Southern Supper held Friday Night 6 FEB 2004 at the Sarasota Hyatt Hotel. An absolutely wonderful dinner was served, and a good time was had by all. The presentation of the CSA exhibit awards took place at the Southern Supper with CSA President Col Ron Teffs presiding. The following exhibit awards were presented:

  • Col Tom Lera -- "The Nitre and Mining Bureau of the Confederacy" (one-frame) -- CSA Trustee's Trophy and APS Vermeil Medal.
  • Col Galen Harrison -- "Prisoner's Mail from the American Civil War 1861-1865" -- CSA Brian and Maria Green Award, APS Research Medal, USPCS Medal, and APS Gold Medal.
  • Col Van Koppersmith -- "Mobile, Alabama: Outside the Union" -- CSA Trophy and APS Gold Medal.

  • In addition to the above CSA Exhibits, one CSA Member exhibited non CSA material.

    Col Arnold H. Selengut -- "150 Years of US Precancels" -- APS Gold Medal.


Many thanks to the exhibitors for sharing their collections with us. Additional Awards presented at the Southern Supper:

  • The Haydn-Meyer Award for Service was not presented this year.
  • The CP Writer's Award was presented to Col Deane R. Briggs MD his two part article "Jacksonville, Florida During the Civil War: Confederate and Federal Occupation Use" in the Jan-Feb and Mar-Apr 2003 issues.
  • The August Dietz Award for research and publishing was presented to Col Steven C. Walske for his recently published booklet Post Office Mail Sent Across the Lines at the Start of the American Civil War May to July 1861 which was distributed free of charge to all members as a benefit of membership.
  • Dick Byne, a long time member and very strong supporter of the CSA from San Antonio, Texas, was named as the new Honorary Life President.
  • Dan Warren MD, immediate past president, was elevated to the honorary rank of "General."


A special thanks to Col Phil Warman who acted as on-site coordinator for the convention and to Col John L. Kimbrough and Col Ed Herrold who sponsored the traditional CSA Hospitality Room

The Annual General Membership Business Meeting was held 7 FEB 2004 with President Col Ron Teffs presiding. Important points discussed were --

President Teffs announced changes to the Confederate Philatelist journal. Beginning in 2005, the publication will become a quarterly journal with four issues per year instead of six. The format will change, and each issue is expected to have 30% more philatelic content.

>An Official Quarterly Bulletin, which will be mailed to all members, will be instituted very soon by CSA First Vice-President Col Jim Monroe. The "CSA Bulletin" will contain up-to-date news and information of Alliance activities as well as the listings of new members and any other information of importance to the membership.

The CSA archives and library now housed at the APRL (American Philatelic Research Library) in State College PA has now been cataloged and is available for research access.

New procedures are being instituted in order to streamline the new member application process and to keep the applicant informed as to the status of the application.

The full minutes of the meeting will be published in the Confederate Philatelist in accordance with the By-Laws.

Photos - CSA Convention
Sarasota, Florida 6-8 FEB 2004

Photos by John Kimbrough

Sarasota National Stamp Exhibtition Bourse Area -- From Left: Tom Royster, Jim Taff.

Conrad Bush (left) and Ed Joyce (right) looking at CSA covers at the bourse table.

CSA Hospitality Room -- From Left: Conrad Bush, Larry Baum, Newton Crouch, Jim Monroe

CSA Hospitality Room -- From Left: Ed Herrold, Peter Powell, McCary Ballard, Newton Crouch

Jim Taff (left) and Larry Baum (right) enjoying the social hour prior to the Southern Supper.

Southern Supper Social Hour -- From Left: Ed Herold, Stanley Piller, Van Koppersmith, Phil Warman

Southern Supper Social Hour -- Jack Molesworth (left) and Ed Joyce (right)

CSA President Col Ron Teffs presiding at the Southern Supper.

Southern Supper -- Gen Conrad L. Bush and Betty Bush.

Southern Supper -- CSA Convention Host and Coordinator Col Phil Warman and Mrs. Warman.

The CSA's newest General Dan Warren MD, immediate past president.

Deane Briggs MD (center) receiving the CP Writer's Award flanked by First Vice-President Jim Monroe (left) and President Ron Teffs (right).

Van Koppersmith (center) receiving the CSA Trophy (bust of Robert E. Lee) flanked by First Vice-President Jim Monroe (left) and President Ron Teffs (right).

CSA Generals in Attendance -- From Left: Peter Powell, Jerry Palazolo, McCary Ballard, Frank Crown, (President Ron Teffs in the Center), Dan Warren, Conrad Bush, Trish Kaufmann, Tony Crumbley.