The 2005 CSA Convention
NAPEX - McLean, Virginia

Convention Report courtesy of Col. John Kimbrough.


The 2005 CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE Convention was held 3-5 JUN 2005 in Tysons Corner, Va in conjunction with the NAPEX Show. CSA Members and Guests enjoyed the 60th traditional Southern Supper held Friday Night 3 JUN 2005 in the main hall of the National Postal Museum in Washington DC. Having the Southern Supper in such a prestigious location was a real treat. Wilson Hulme, Curator of Philately for the National Postal Museum and a Life Member of the Confederate Stamp Alliance, gave a presentation to the members in attendance filled with information about the museum including accomplishments, goals, and the vision for the future. This was followed by a private viewing of some selected treasures from the vault not normally on display to the general public. All during the evening, attendees of the Southern Supper were free to roam and view the exhibits. The presentation of the CSA exhibit awards took place at the Southern Supper with CSA President Col Ron Teffs presiding. The following exhibit awards were presented:

  • Thomas Lera -- The Nitre and Mining Bureau of the Confederacy -- CSA Roger Weill Award and APS Court of Honor.
  • Brian, Maria, and Alexander Green -- Confederate General's Mail -- CSA Brian and Maria Green Award, AAPE Creativity Award, and APS Gold Medal.
  • Ron Tate -- Confederate States of America - The 5c Lithographs on Cover -- CSA John W. Kaufmann Memorial Award, APS Award of Excellence Pre-1900, USPCS Medal, APS Gold Medal and Grand Award.
  • Richard L. Calhoun -- Charleston, South Carolina - The First Year of Secession -- CSA Robert A. Siegel Memorial Award, US Cancellation Club Charles D. Root Award, APS Gold Medal.
  • Bruce Roberts -- Arkansas Postal History: 1861-1865 -- CSA President's Trophy, APS Vermeil Medal.
  • Roger H. Oswald -- Confederate States of America Stampless Covers -- CSA General's Award, APS Vermeil Medal.
  • Lawrence F. C. Baum -- Advertising Covers in the Confederacy (single frame) -- CSA Trustee's Trophy, APS Silver Medal.
  • Charles F. Hanselmann -- Conflict in Kentucky (single frame) -- APS Bronze Medal.
  • James L. D. Monroe -- Confederate States Navy (single frame) -- CSA Trustee's Trophy, APS Silver-Bronze Medal.
  • Tony L. Crumbley -- Independent State and Confederate Mail of North Carolina -- CSA William G. Bogg Memorial Award, APS Gold Medal.
  • Peter Powell -- Confederate Postmasters Provisionals Involved in Missent & Forwarded Uses (single frame) -- APS Vermeil Award.
  • Peter Powell -- Cancels of the Confederacy -- CSA Jack E. Molesworth Award, APS Silver-Bronze Medal.
  • Daniel C. Warren MD -- The Southern Mail -- CSA Trophy, APS Gold Medal.


Many thanks to the exhibitors for sharing their outstanding collections with us. Additional Awards presented at the Southern Supper --


  • The Haydn-Meyer Award for Service was not presented this year.
  • The CP Writer's Award was presented to Gen Tony Crumbley.
  • The August Dietz Award for research and publishing was presented to Gen Peter Powell for his booklet on Missent, Forwarded, and Advertised CSA usages.
  • Stefan Jaronski in appreciation of his long years and dedicated service as editor of the Confederate Philatelist was elevated to the rank of General.
  • A special CSA Appreciation Award was presented to Col John L. Kimbrough MD for bringing the CSA into the Age of the Internet by very early on securing the domain name and then hosting the CSA Website for the past five years.


A special thanks to Gen Dan Warren MD who acted as on-site coordinator and host for the convention; to Col Harvey Bennett who sponsored the Social Hour and Table Wine at the Southern Supper; to Cols Alan Blair, Stanley Piller, Schuyler Rumsey and Scott Trepel who sponsored the night's transportation; and to Gen Tony Crumbley and Col John Kimbrough MD who sponsored the traditional Hospitality Room.

Another special thanks to Gen Peter Powell and Col Kevin Baker who repeated their hands-on presentation on CSA fakes as part of the NAPEX 2005 show program.

The Annual General Membership Business Meeting was held Saturday 4 JUN 2005 with President Col Ron Teffs presiding.

The Nominating Committee presented the proposed slate of officers for the coming term with voting taking place later this year to take office 1 JAN 2006. Any other members who wish their name on the ballot may do so by petition as outlined in the By-Laws. Proposed Slate of Officers --

    • President -- James Monroe
    • Vice-President -- Trish Kaufmann
    • Treasurer -- Van Koppersmith
    • Secretary -- Richard Murphy
    • Trustees-at-Large (4) -- Kevin Baker, Tom Royster, Bill McCarran, Robert Frailey


The full report of the General Membership Meeting will appear in the next issue of the Confederate Philatelist in accordance with the By-Laws.


Photos - CSA Convention
NAPEX '05 - June 3-5, 2005 - McLean, Va.

Col John Kimbrough and CSA President Ron Teff. John had just received a special award for all the work he had done over the years on the CSA website. Photo courtesy of Kevin Baker.

The inside entrance hall to the Southern Supper at the National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C. Members enjoy the open bar before the superb dinner.

The mail coach drives on in the background. Col. Tom Cox (member #813) can be seen in the blue coat at left and Col. Jim Monroe at right among the many CSA dinner patrons.

Wilson Hulme, Curator of Philately at the National Postal Museum, gives CSA members an update on projects within the national collection prior to the Southern Supper.

Assembled Generals at the Southern Supper held at the National Postal Museum during NAPEX 2005. Left to right: Brian Green, McCary Ballard, Roger Oswald, Rick Calhoun, Ron Tate, Trish Kaufmann, Jerry Palazolo, Dan Warren, Tony Crumbley and Peter Powell. Frank Crown had ducked out of the room for a moment so missed the photo op. He appears in another photo.

Auctioneer Schuyler Rumsey (California), on the left, chats with former auctioneer Bill Fox (North Carolina/Florida) framed by the backdrop of the National Postal Museum displays.

SOUTHERN SUPPER. Left to right: Cols. Tom Royster (New Mexico), Rich Murphy (South Carolina), Lou Hannen (North Carolina) and Charles Deaton (Texas) cleaned up their Mango Chocolate Timbale just short of licking their plates. Yum Yum!

Immediate Past President Gen. Dan Warren shows off the Lee bust he was awarded as the CSA Trophy for his exhibit of "The Southern Mail".

Photos below by Col. John Kimbrough

Wilson Hulme giving his National Postal Museum Presentation prior to the Southern Supper.

Col Jack Molesworth (left) and Gen Brian Green (right).

CSA Southern upper in the main hall of the National Postal Museum.

The ever popular open bar -- background from left (don't know the ones at the table) Wilson Hulme, Van Koppersmith, Harvey Bennett.

Tony Crumbley (left) receiving the CP Writer's Award from President Ron Teffs (right). Tony also received the Bogg Award for his exhibit.

Dan Warren receiving the CSA Trophy.

Jim Monroe (left) and Larry Baum (right) sharing the Trustee's Trophy.

Peter Powell receiving the August Dietz Award. Peter also was presented with the Molesworth Award for his exhibit.

Rick Calhoun receiving the Siegel Award.

Ron Tate receiving the Kaufmann Award.

Roger Oswald receiving the General's Award.

Tom Lera receiving the Weill Award.

Brian, Maria, and Alexander Green receiving the Brian and Maria Green Award.

CSA Generals in Attendance at the Southern Supper -- From Left: Brian Green, McCary Ballard, Roger Oswald, Rick Calhoun, Ron Tate, Trish Kaufmann, Jerry Palazolo, Dan Warren, Tony Crumbley, Peter Powell.

Old Mail Plane suspended in the Main Hall of the National Postal Museum.