The 2007 CSA Convention
November 9-11 - Williamsburg, Va.


The Confederate Stamp Alliance revisited Williamsburg, Virginia after an absence of 34 years. I remember the last convention in 1973 more clearly than most because of my new employer (and husband to be) John Kaufmann, and CSA legend and elderly mentor David Kohn (90-something at that time). I also remember loving the peanut soup at the Southern Supper at Christina Campbell’s Tavern. It’s amazing how some memories stick with us for decades. I went right home and learned how to make peanut soup - easy and yummy.

This year was an equally exciting venue in spite of the packed bourse floor (dealers weren’t complaining as many raked in record sales) and meeting and hospitality rooms.

CSA exhibitors walked away with piles of awards, not unusual for our marvelous specialty. The following were the results in the VAPEX open competition:

VAPEX Multi-frame exhibits:

Van Koppermith - "Mobile, Alabama Outside the Union" - Gold and Grand Award

Leonard H. Hartmann - "The Lithographed General Issues of the Confederate States of America, the Stamps" - Gold

Tony L Crumbley - "Independent State and Confederate Mail of North Carolina" - Gold

Lawrence Baum - "Advertising Covers in the Confederacy" - GolD

Peter W. W. Powell - "Confederate Postmasters' Provisionals" - Vermeil

Brian, Maria, and Alexander Green - "Confederate Generals Mail" - Vermeil

Francis J. Crown, Jr. - "Columbus, Georgia in the Confederacy" - Silver

VAPEX  Single-frame exhibits:

James Monroe - "Confederate States Navy" - Silve

Chuck Hanselmann - "Patriotic Covers and Letter Sheets used by the Confederacy" - Silver/Bronze

Tom Richards - "Confederate States: Texas Manuscript Town Cancels" - Silver/Bronze


New member Art Groten, who signed up at VAPEX, showed a non-Confederate exhibit, but Civil War none the less and won a  Silver for his "Union Patriotic Labels". He’s added two Confederate covers to his collection, but that’s not enough to exhibit in Confederate area yet!

CSA Catalog Virginia section editor Col. Gene Lightfoot showed before and after the War exhibits with "Antebellum Virginia: The 1851-1861 Period" and "Post War Charlottesville, Virginia: The 1865 Straightlines”; both won a Silver/Bronze. Okay Gene, time for the War Years exhibit! Gene was also named to the CSA Authentication Service at VAPEX and we are happy to have the advantage of his expertise.

The following special Alliance awards were given out at the Southern Supper held at the charming Shield’s Tavern for the aforementioned exhibits. Col. Leonard Hartmann walked away with the evening’s most coveted CSA Trophy in the form of the Lee bust, which may only be won once every five years by the same members. Leonard has not show his wonderful material since 1972 and we are delighted that he took it out and dusted it off. His knowledge in this field is legendary. There aren’t many serious stamp students today and Leonard is certainly in the top pack, especially for Confederate lithographed issues.

Other Alliance awards presented were:

President’s Trophy (not previously won a CSA award, not including single frame) – Col. Larry Baum

Trustee’s Trophy (best single frame) – Tom Richards

John H. Reagan Award (best postmaster provisionals) – Gen. Peter Powell

Jack E. Molesworth Memorial Award (best off-cover stamps) – Col. Leonard Hartmann

Robert A. Siegel Memorial Award, sponsored by Scott Trepel – Col. Van Koppersmith

William G. Bogg Memorial Award, sponsored by Col. Bill Fox (best evolution of Confederate postal history) – Gen. Tony Crumbley

John W. Kaufmann Memorial Award, sponsored by Patricia A. Kaufmann (best exhibit containing Confederate patriotic covers) – Col. Chuck Hanselmann

Generals’ Award (formerly the Weatherly Award) – Col. Jim Monroe

Roger and Raymond Weill Award – Gen. Frank Crown

Brian and Maria Green Award, sponsored by Brian and Maria Green (best Confederate military postal history ) – Brian, Maria and Alexander Green

Alliance award judges: Gen. Trish Kaufmann and Col. Randy Neil

Also announced at the Southern Supper were the following service and writers’ awards:

The Haydn Myer Award for distinguished service the Alliance during the past year and for at least five years prior was easily won by Col. Ed Joyce for his many years serving as Membership Chairman. This may not be won by a member while holding office or who has been promoted to the rank of General. The CP Writer’s Award was presented to Gen. John Kimbrough and the August Dietz Award was not presented.

A Special Trustees Award was made to a very deserving Col. Jim Milgram for four decades of articles in the Confederate Philatelist. Jim has, far and away, produced more articles to fill our journal pages than any other contributing author.

The annual meeting was held in on Saturday morning. Secretary Rich Murphy reported that we picked up 72 new members and 21 reinstated members since the last annual meeting, but we regrettably lost quite a few to death and resignation. Treasurer Van Koppersmith noted our financial health as quite sound and a brief financial synopsis for 2006 may be found in the 1st Quarter 2008 CP and the 2007 financial synopsis in the 2nd Quarter CP.

I gave my last Authentication Recording Secretary report after 11 ½ years in that position. While I will stay with the CSA Authentication Service, I’ve passed the reins to Gen. Frank Crown who will take over the secretarial duties. All records were transferred in Williamsburg (roughly 15 linear feet of files) All future submissions should go to Frank. Since the last annual meeting, Warren Sanders and Erin Gunter resigned from the committee due to declining health and Jim Bowman became emeritus status. Their talent was replaced with Gen. John Kimbrough in July 2006 and Gene Lightfoot at this meeting. Since 1945, 5150 patients have been processed and almost half of them were under my tenure since 1996 which shows the tremendous escalation in patients. The CSAAS was able to contribute over $5,800 to the CSA general fund through the efforts of our all volunteer staff. 

The 2007 CSA Convention
November 9-11 - Williamsburg, Va.

(courtesy of Col. John Kimbrough)

Shields Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg - site of the 62nd Sourthern Supper.

Jamie Shields - Proprietor

A little light 18th Century entertainment during the Southern Supper.

The very busy barmaid.

Enjoying the Social Hour.

Phil and Joann Warman and their daughter Brittany (right) with Jim and Jackie Taff (left).

Alexander, Brian, and Maria Green

Tom and Jennifer Royster.

CSA President Jim Monroe with his exhibit.

Show Bourse -- CSA Members seen in the photo -- Phil Warman, Larry Baum, Randy Neil, James Gobberdiel, Rick Calhoun, Richard Murphy, Lewis Leigh, Bob Frailey, Tom Ross.

Above photo is not from the CSA Convention but shows incoming CSA President Gen Trish Kaufmann with CSA Gen Conrad Bush at the APS Show in Portland, Oregon in August 2007.

Colonial Williamsburg - Governor's Mansion

Colonial Williamsburg - Fall Colors