December 4-6, 2009

The 2009 CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE Convention was held 4-6 DEC 2009 in Orlando, Florida in conjunction with the FLOREX 2009 show. The 64th Southern Supper was held Friday 4 DEC 2009 at the Marriott Downtown Hotel which served an excellent southern buffet. Many thanks to Siegel Auction Galleries for sponsoring the dinner wine, and to Phil Warman, John L. Kimbrough MD, and Charles Hanselmann for sponsoring the traditional CSA Hospitality Room. Special thanks to Deane Briggs MD who made all the major convention arrangements and acted as the convention host. CSA President Trish Kaufmann presided at the Southern Supper. The following awards were presented:

  • The CSA Trophy was presented to Col Deane R. Briggs MD for his exhibit "Confederate Florida Postal History."
  • The Haydn-Meyer Award for Service was not presented.
  • The CP Writer's Award was presented to Col Larry Lohr for his article "The Joseph L. Parry Correspondence From Salisbury NC Military Prison."
  • The August Dietz Award for research and publishing was presented as a joint award to Col Steven Walske and Col Scott Trepel for their book Special Mail Routes of the Civil War: A Guide to Across the Lines Postal History  and to Col James W. Milgram MD for his book Federal Civil War Postal History.
  • A Special Trustees Award was presented to Gen Jerry Palazolo recognizing his 17 years of service as a member and later chairman of the CSA Authentication Service.  Gen Palazolo is voluntary stepping down from the Service and will assume the position of Chairman Emeritus.
  • Col Joe Holleman was awarded an Honorary Life Membership.
  • Col Ed Joyce, in recognition of his many years of service, was elevated to the honorary rank of "General."


CSA members exhibited a fabulous range of CSA material at the show and received the following awards:

  • "Straightline Cancels on Confederate General Issue Stamps" (one frame) -- Conrad L. Bush -- CSA Jack E. Molesworth Memorial Award and a Vermeil Medal
  • "The Confederate States Navy" -- James L. D. Monroe -- CSA Generals Award and APS Silver Medal.
  • "Confederate States of America: Texas" -- Thomas Richards -- CSA Robert A. Siegel Award and APS Vermeil Medal.
  • "Charleston South Carolina - The Confederate Period" -- Robert J. Karrer Jr -- CSA William G. Bogg Memorial Award and APS Gold Medal.
  • "Confederate Florida Postal History" - Deane R. Briggs MD -- CSA Trophy, APS Gold Medal, APS Award of Excellence Pre-1900.
  • "Early Postal Operations in the Confederacy" -- Tom Ross -- CSA Presidenta Trophy and APS Vermeil Medal.
  • "The Nitre and Mining Bureau" (one frame) -- Thomas Lera -- Trustee's Trophy, APS Gold Medal and overall Best Single Frame Award.
  • "Arkansas Postal History: Territory Through 1870" (not a specific CSA Exhibit) -- Bruce Roberts -- APS Gold Medal.


The Annual General Membership Business Meeting was held Saturday 5 DEC 2009 with President Trish Kaufmann presiding. The Alliance is strong financially, and the newly established Endowment Fund is doing very well and has already reached over 80% of its goal in donations and pledges. Work on the new Confederate States Catalog is progressing, but it is quite apparent that the new catalog will not be ready in time for the 75th Anniversary Convention in Richmond in August 2010.  A new target date for publication will be some time in 2011. Sites of future meetings and conventions were announced with details to follow as they become available. The full report of the General Membership Meeting will appear in the next issue of the Confederate Philatelist in accordance with the By-Laws.

The results of the Election of Officers was announced at the business meeting.  The new slate of officers taking office January 1, 2010 for a two-year term  is:

  • President -- Trish Kaufmann
  • Vice President -- Van Koppersmith
  • Secretary -- Richard Murphy
  • Treasurer -- Robert Frailey
  • Trustees -- Deane Briggs MD, Phil Warman, Randy Neil, Larry Baum

From Left - Frank Crown, Richard Warren (background), Vince King, Jerry Palazolo, and Trish Kaufmann examining Confederates at Trish's booth on the floor of the show.

Col and Mrs Tom Ross discussing Confederate with Jim Taff  at Jim's dealer booth.
Trish Kaufmann, Jim Taff, and Michael Kent enjoying the social hour before the Southern Supper.

Charles Hanselmann and Tom Lera

Rex Felton and Newton Crouch

Connie and Betty Bush

Connie Bush and John Kimbrough

Col and Mrs John Walker who traveled from the UK to attend their first CSA Convention.

Col and Mrs Charles Rice

From Left -- Vicar Warman, Phil Warman, Charlie Rice, Alex Hall

Tom Ross receiving the President's Trophy from President Trish Kaufmann.

Tom Lera receiving the Trustee's Trophy from President Trish Kaufmann.

Trish Kaufmann presenting the General's Award to Jim Monroe.  Jim had a very good time at the Southern Supper.

Trish Kaufmann presenting the Jack E. Molesworth Award to Conrad Bush.

Trish Kaufmann presenting the William G. Bogg Memorial Award to Robert Karrer.

Trish Kaufmann presenting the CSA Trophy to Deane Briggs.

Joe Holleman receiving an honoarary Life Membership.

Trish Kaufmann presenting the Special Trustee's Award to Jerry Palazolo.

CSA Generals in Attendance -- From Left -- Jerry Palazolo, Peter Powell, Frank Crown, Trish Kaufmann, Rick Calhoun, Dan Warren, Jim Monroe, Ed Joyce (newly promoted), Conrad Bush, John Kimbrough.