Westpex 2011
CSA's Annual Convention
San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel
April 29-May 1
San Francisco, California

(More show information at: www.westpex.com)

The following report is courtesy of Col. John Kimbrough. 

This was the second time in its history that the Confederate Stamp Alliance met in convention on the West Coast.  The first time was in 1993 in Los Angeles, California. The 66th Southern Supper was held Friday 29 APR 2011 with about 40 members and guests in attendance and with President Van Koppersmith presiding. Thanks go to the convention hosts -- Stanley Piller, Schuyler Rumsey, James Taff -- for planning and coordinating the convention and sponsoring the traditional hospitality room.

The following awards were presented:

The CSA Trophy was presented to Steven Walske for his exhibit "Civil War Blockade Run Mail."

The Haydn-Meyer Award for Service was presented to James L. D. Monroe.

The CP Writer's Award was presented to Larry Baum for his article "Advertising Covers of Richmond, Virginia."

The August Dietz Award for research and publishing was presented to James L. D. Monroe for his book A Lifetime of Collecting Confederate States of America Postal History.

Steve Walske, Frank Crown, Stanley Piller
Steve Walske, Frank Crown, Stanley Piller  
Vince King and Leonard Hartmann
Vince King and Leonard Hartmann

CSA members exhibiting at the convention received the following awards:

  • "Oglethorpe County, Georgia Postal History 1861-1865" (one frame) -- Douglas Clark -- CSA General's Award, APS Vermeil Medal.
  • "Confederate States Navy" -- James L. D. Monroe -- CSA Trustee's Award for Research, APS Vermeil Medal.
  • "Civil War Blockade Run Mail" -- Steven Walske -- CSA Trophy, APS Non-Competitive.
  • "Confederate Aristocrats" -- multiple anonymous owners and sponsored by Scott A. Trepel of Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries -- CSA and APS Non-Competitive. This exhibit contained the Mt. Lebanon, La provisional cover as well as a number of other great provisional rarities and the only known surviving full Pane of 100 of the 5c Green Lithograph stamp (Stone 1 Left Pane).
  • "Confederate Faces" -- Frank P. Northcutt -- CSA Brian and Maria Green Award, APS Silver Medal.
  • "Independent State and Confederate Mail of North Carolina 1861-1865" -- Tony Crumbley -- CSA William A. Bogg Memorial Award, APS Gold Medal.
  • "Confederate States of America, The Lithographed General Issues, Stamps and Usages" -- Leonard Hartmann -- CSA Jack E. Molesworth Memorial Award, APS Gold Medal, APS Research Award, WESTPEX Reserve Grand.
  • "Florida Confederate Provisional Usages" (one frame) -- Deane R. Briggs MD -- CSA John H. Reagan PMG Award, APS Gold Medal, WESTPEX Single Frame Grand Award. This exhibit included all the known stampless Florida provisionals as well as the Madison Court House provisional adhesive stamps.
Southern Supper
Southern Supper  
  • "Confederate States of America Texas Manuscript Town Cancels" -- Thomas Richards -- CSA Robert A. Siegel Memorial Award, APS Vermeil Medal.
  • "Edged in Black - Mourning Covers of the Confederacy" (one frame) -- Paul Bearer (pseudonym) -- CSA Conrad L. Bush Award, APS Gold Medal.

Many thanks go to the CSA judges for the event -- Jerry Palazolo and Frank Crown.

Excellent presentations on Confederate related topics were give by the following members:

  • Steve Walske -- "Inbound Blockade Run Mail via Charleston and Wilmington During the American Civil War."
  • Vince King -- "Texas in the CSA."
  • Steve Boyd -- "Strategies for Identifying Confederate Printers."
  • Jim Monroe conducted a guided tour of the Confederate exhibits.

CSA Generals in Attendance -- Gen Frank Crown, Gen Jerry Palazolo, Gen Tony Crumbley, Gen Trish Kaufmann, Gen James Monroe, Gen John Kimbrough.

Tony Crumbley, Jim Taff, Van Koppersmith, Trish Kaufmann

Tony Crumbley, Jim Taff, Van Koppersmith, Trish Kaufmann
The Annual General Membership Business Meeting was held Saturday 30 APR 2011 with President Van Koppersmith presiding. The Alliance is strong financially, and the Diamond Anniversary Endowment Fund has exceeded all expectations in donations and pledges approaching $180,000.00. Work on the new Confederate States Catalog is progressing with a projected completion date in time for the next annual convention in JUN 2012. Sites of future meetings and conventions were announced with details to follow as they become available. The full report of the General Membership Meeting will appear in the next issue of the Confederate Philatelist in accordance with the By-Laws. 

More scenes from San Francisco 
Tom Lera and Dr. and Mrs. Deane Briggs
Col and Mrs Richard Murphy
Jim Monroe and David Savadge
Col and Mrs. Richard Warren
Southern Supper
Trish Kaufmann at her bourse table with Tom Richards and Jerry Palazolo
Van Koppersmith presenting the CSA Trophy to Steve Walske

Jim Monroe - Haydn Meyer Award, August Dietz Award, Trustee's Research Award 
Deane Briggs -- John H. Reagan PMG Award

Leonard Hartmann -- Jack E. Molesworth Memorial Award 
Tony Crumbley -- William A. Bogg Memorial Award