Garfield-Perry March Party 2013
CSA's 68th Annual Convention
La Villa Conference and Banquet Center
March 14-17, 2013
Cleveland, OH

The Confederate Stamp Alliance’s 68th Convention was held on March 14-17, 2013, in conjunction with the Garfield-Perry March Party in Cleveland Ohio. Our local hosts, Gen. Rex Felton and Col. Bob Frailey, did an excellent job coordinating the event. Confederate Cemetery on Johnson Island

For those members who were able to come in a day early, a trip to Johnson Island was arranged.  Ten CSA members were able to tour the Confederate Cemetery and the seven acre portion of the Confederate officers prison camp that has been purchase an is now being excavated. Dr. David Bush of Heidelberg University led the tour and provided expert Prison Camp Site on Johnson Islandguidance and insight on the area.  The Confederate Stamp Alliance had previously contributed toward the purchase of the property and the preservation of this historic site.  It was a chilly day and a bit muddy, which helped all to relate to the prisoners experience, but a very enjoyable and informative trip. 

Again the farthest travelled Member was Colonel John and Margret Walker, who crossed the pond once again from England to join the festivities. The Generals in attendance included CSA GeneralsGen. Frank Crown, Gen. Jerry Palazolo, Gen. Trish Kaufmann, Gen. James Monroe, Gen. John Kimbrough, Gen. Peter Powell, Gen. Tony Crumbley and Gen. Rex Felton.

The Southern Supper was held on Friday evening, March 15, with about 50 in attendance.  Special thanks to Schuyler Rumsey for providing the wine at dinner.  President Richard Murphy and Vice President Deane Briggs presided and Deane presented the awards following dinner.

Exhibit Awards

CSA TROPHY - For the Best and Most Comprehensive Exhibit of CSA Stamps or Covers.  2013 Winner - Wayne Farley “West Virginia Postal History: The Civil War & Early Statehood” Also: G-P Gold and USPCS Medal.

CONRAD L. BUSH AWARD - For the Best One-Frame Exhibit of CSA Material.  2013 Winner - Deane R. Briggs “Florida Confederate Provisional Issues” Also: G-P Gold

PRESIDENT’S TROPHY – For the Best Exhibit of CSA stamps/covers by an individual who has not previously won a CSA Trophy. 2013 Winner - John Walker “Patriotic Covers Used within the CSA during the Civil War – 1861-1865” Also: G-P Vermeil and AAPE Novice Award

CSA TRUSTEES’ RESEARCH TROPHY – For best exhibit, single frame, or multi-frame, which illustrates new knowledge/understand of CSA stamps, covers, postal history or an extension to existing knowledge.  2013 Winner - Leonard Hartmann “Confederate States of America – The Lithographed General Issues” Also: G-P Gold and Grand Award, Best U.S. Exhibit and the APS Research Medal.

JACK E. MOLESWORTH AWARD – For Best Exhibit of Off-Cover CSA Stamps (Exhibit need not exclusively consist of stamps).  2013 Winner - David Canestro “Southern Secession, The Confederacy and Uninterrupted Mail Service 1859-1866” Also: G-P Vermeil

ROBERT A. SIEGEL MEMORIAL AWARD – Given at the Discretion of the Judges.  2013 Winner - Conrad Bush “Straightline, Fancy and Uncommon Cancels on Confederate General Issue Stamps” Also: G-P Gold

JOHN H. REGAN AWARD – For Best Exhibit of Postmaster’s Provisionals.  2013 Winner - Tony Crumbley “Independent State & Confederate Mail of North Carolina” Also: G-P Gold and the APS Medal of Excellence, Pre-1900 Material

THE GENERALS AWARD – At the discretion of the Judges. 2013 Winner - Tom Richards “Texas – Confederate States of America” Also: G-P Silver

BRIAN AND MARIA GREEN AWARD – For Best Military Postal History Exhibit.  2013 Winner - James Monroe “The Confederate States Navy” Also: G-P Vermeil

Special thanks go to the judges for this years convention: Rex Felton, Bob Frailey, Jerry Palazolo and Peter Powell.


 Service Awards


The August Dietz Award is presented annually since 1962 at the discretion of the Trustees “For Outstanding Research & Writing on Confederate Postal History” during the past calendar year. Nominees for 2012 were: Patricia A. Kaufmann, Francis J. Crown, Jr., and Jerry S. Palazolo, editors of “The Confederate States of America Catalog and Handbook of Stamps and Postal History”, John L. Kimbrough, M.D. and Conrad L. Bush, “Collector’s Guide to Confederate Philately”, Richard L. Calhoun, “Charleston, South Carolina and the Confederate Postmaster Provisionals, and Charles W. Deaton, “The Great Texas Stamp Collection”. The winner of the August Dietz Award for 2012 is Patricia A. Kaufmann, Francis J. Crown, Jr. and Jerry S. Palazolo.


The Haydn Myer Award is presented annually since 1952 at the discretion of the Trustees “For Outstanding Service to the CSA” during the past calendar year for service unrelated to Trustee duties. Nominees for 2012 were: Patricia A. Kaufmann, James Monroe, and Conrad L. Bush. The winner of the Haydn Myer Award for 2012 is presented to Patricia A. Kaufmann for a greater than 8 year effort in spearheading the publication of “The Confederate States of America Catalog and Handbook of Stamps and Postal History”, dealing with contributing editors, handling the complexities of getting the catalog published and distributed and working to keep the publication within budget and profitable for the Confederate Stamp Alliance.


For the best article in The Confederate Philatelist during the prior calendar year. The 2012 winner of the CP Writers Award is Kevin Andersen for this article “From Richmond to Columbia: Frank Baptist and the 1864 Transfer of the Confederate 10 cents Stamp Steel Printing Plates”.

Six excellent presentations were given.

  • Curtis A. Early"Forensic Study of CSA Stamps Part II", Harry Brittain

  • "Ohio Confederates", Curtis Early

  • “Overview of The First International Symposium on Analytical Methods in Philately”, Tom Lera, Winton Blount Research Chair, National Postal Museum

  • "History of Johnson's Island and the Dig", Dr. David Bush

  • "Morgan's Great Raid", Curtis A. Early

  • "CSA Naval & Marine Covers", Jim Monroe

The Annual Membership Meeting held on Saturday, March 16, with President Richard Murphy presiding.  At present the CSA is financially strong and the Diamond Anniversary Endowment Fund has drawn to a close and exceeded expectation.  A full report will appear in the next issue of the Confederate Philatelist.