Harrisburg Mid-Year Gathering
24-26 OCT 2003

Photos by John Kimbrough

The weekend of 24-26 OCT 2003 saw the "invasion" of the North by Confederate Stamp Alliance members as the 2003 Mid-Year Gathering was held this weekend in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania only a short drive from the Gettysburg Battlefield. Col Jim Monroe hosted the event which saw 30 CSA members and guests meet together for a weekend of CSA philatelic fun and fellowship. CSA Generals in attendance were Peter Powell, Tony Crumbley, Ron Tate, and Roger Oswald. Jim organized a spectacular event as the members had their own secure meeting room at the Radisson Hotel where much exchange of knowledge and even some trading of covers and stamps took place on Friday and Saturday. All the members attended a joint dinner on Friday night with the Harrisburg Civil War Round Table. Even though the dinner speakers were not philatelic (the topic being prewar "Bleeding Kansas" and the postwar aftermath during 1865-1866 "The Day Dixie Died"), the evening was highly entertaining and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Jim arranged for the members to tour at leisure the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg. This is a new museum which has only been open about 2 1/2 years. It is located in Reservoir Park at the highest point in Harrisburg with a great view of the whole area. The museum itself is fabulous and should not be missed if in the Harrisburg area. A number of the members in attendance took the opportunity to make the short 30-40 minute drive to Gettysburg and tour the Battlefield, a must activity for all those sincerely interested in Civil War History.

The traditional Confederate Stamp Alliance Hospitality Room, sponsored by Col John L. Kimbrough, was well utilized during the evening hours. Our thanks to Col Jim Monroe for arranging this outstanding event.

CSA Trading Room on Friday -- From Left: Phil Warman, Tony Crumbley, Richard Murphy, Tom Royster, Jim Monroe. In the Foreground: Jim Taff.

Different view of the trading room with Richard Murphy, Tom Royster, Jim Monroe.

Joint dinner with the Harrisburg Civil War Round Table. At the table from the left: Jim Taff, Charles Gray and Mrs. Gray, Don Robbins, Tom Royster and Mrs. Royster, Phil Warman.

CSA Hospitality Room after the dinner.

Jim Taff, Tony Crumbley, and Van Koppersmith enjoying the Hospitality Room.

Ron Tate, Charles Gray, and Randy Smith at the Harrisburg National Civil War Museum.

Jim Taff and Phil Warman at the North Carolina Memorial on the Gettysburg Battlefield.

The field of Pickett's Charge looking directly at the Union Line on Cemetery Ridge. On the right center of the photo is the famous "Copse of Trees." The single tree in the center marks the "Bloody Angle." Between these two landmarks was the focus of Pickett's Charge with the "High Water Mark of the Confederacy" at the Copse of Trees. The fence crossing the photo marks the location of the Emmitsburg Pike.

Jim Taff on the Gettysburg Battlefield at the center of the Union Line on Cemetery Ridge. The single tree in the background marks the spot of the "Bloody Angle." The cannon is very near the site where CSA Brigadier General Lewis Armistead fell during Pickett's Charge.

The "High Water Mark of the Confederacy" at the "Copse of Trees."

Jim Taff on Little Round Top.