Mid-Year Gathering

CSA Return to Cold Mountain

Asheville, NC 2004

Outer Cover to the Program for the Weekend

All Photos Courtesy of Trish Kaufmann

The plane began its descent into Asheville through clouds which were pierced by peaks of the Great Smokey Mountains. As the plane dipped below the clouds, the panorama of brilliant fall foliage appeared. What a lovely time of year for the Confederate Stamp Alliance to hold it's mid-year gathering in Asheville, NC.

The non-philatelic spouses were enthralled by visits to the nearby Biltmore Estate, which is a 250 room French Renaissance chateau, the largest private residence in the country and a National Historic Landmark. The estate was originally 125,000 acres, now 8,000 and still owned by the Vanderbilt family. On view is the original collection of priceless antiques and art objects.

It had been over 67 years since Gen. August Dietz held the first gathering of interested Confederate collectors at the 43rd Annual Convention of the Society of Philatelic Americans. The SPA has been long dissolved, but Confederate philately remains strong, as does the Confederate Stamp Alliance.

This return to Asheville marked the largest attendance ever at one of our mid-year meetings with over 70 people registered. Chairman Tony Crumbley, a past president and general officer, did a fabulous job of putting together a mix of dealer bourse, outstanding seminars and social events. We thank him for his superior organizational and social skills, as well as the contributions of the speakers and the dealer members who helped underwrite the cost: Cols. Charles Hanselmann, John Kimbrough, Stanley Piller, Elizabeth Pope, Schuyler Rumsey, Jim Taff and Phil Warman, as well as Gen. Tony Crumbley. The Siegel Auction Galleries sponsored the cocktail reception before the Southern Supper and the wine sponsor for dinner was Schuyler J. Rumsey.

There were 3 major presentations during the Friday and Saturday sessions, as well as a brief talk after the Southern Supper. The bourse room was closed during the presentations, which resulted in excellent attendance and prevented distraction from the adjoining bourse room. Presentations were made by

Gen. Tony Crumbley - North Carolina Provisionals 1861-1865
Col. Bruce Roberts - Postal History of Arkansas 1861-1865
Gen. Peter Powell and Col. Kevin Baker - Confederate Fakes
Terrell T. Garren - The Secret of War visits Cold Mountain

The CSA trustees held two 2-hour meetings during the convention and left armed with a long task list. The trustees have been in contact by e-mail weekly and often daily. There is a revitalizing effort in the wind and it will become more evident over the next year. Your help is needed to "grow the CSA". If you would like to help in any way, contact any of the current trustees and we'll find a job for you.

We had a downright fabulous time in Asheville, greeting old friends and making new ones. Our next annual meeting will be in Washington, D.C. at NAPEX 2005 June 3-5 and our next mid-year gathering will be in Mobile, Alabama sometime in late October. Both promise to continue the trend of outstanding seminars, dealers of Confederate material, and warm Southern hospitality. Won't you join us?

Trish Kaufmann

Stanley Piller's Table in the Bourse Room.

Uh oh! A "Pop Quiz" - the first order of business in the presentation on Confederate Fakes by Gen. Peter Powell and Col. Kevin Baker.

Okay, this is easier. They've given us a booklet with the characteristics of the genuine and the fraudulent. Richard Murphy grades his Pop-Quiz.

The bourse room is the main center of activity for over 70 registered participants in Asheville.

Sales Agency Director Larry Baum shows something from The New Dietz Catalogue to CSA member John Church who joined us all the way from England.

Arkansas specialist Bruce Roberts joins Maxine and Don Garrett to wait at the bar for a bottle of wine to be opened during the cocktail
hour before the Southern Supper.

Charles Hanselmann gets an opinion on a cover from Pete Powell and Kevin Baker.

Asheville meeting coordinator/former CSA President Gen. Tony Crumbley and current CSA President Col.Ron Teffs.

Dr. John Kimbrough shows his Confederate stock.

Gathering to hear Bruce Roberts presentation on the Postal History of Arkansas 1861-65.

Jim Monroe and Pete Powell put on a happy face, cocktails in hand.