Mid-Year Gathering

Mobile, Alabama November 11-13, 2005

Photos Courtesy of Trish Kaufmann (with the exception of the first one) and Kevin Baker (bottom three photos)

Fall Mid-Year Gathering another success...
Colonels meet in lovely Mobile at a perfect time of year

Guest Speaker Phillip Nassar, who made a fascinating presentation on the recent and on-going recovery of the C.S.S. Alabama. The Alabama cruised the whaling grounds around the Azores, the shipping lanes along the eastern seaboard of the U.S., the Carribean, the Brazilian coast, along South Africa, the Indian Ocean, South China Sea, and the Bay of Bengal boarding 447 vessels, capturing 65 Union merchant vessels, and sinking the U.S.S. Hatteras. She was at sea for 534 of the 657 days of her life. During this time she took 2,000 prisoners with no loss of life. Until the engagement with the Kearsarge she lost not one man to accident or disease aboard the ship. She is deemed one of the ten most important vessels in naval history.

For much more information, see the website of the C.S.S. Alabama Association at http://www.css-alabama.com/ 

Incoming CSA Trustees 2006-2007: Kevin Baker, Tom Royster, Bob Frailey, Trish Kaufmann, Jim Monroe, Van Koppersmith and Rich Murphy. Bill McCarren was unable to attend. Photo by Peter Powell.

Mr. Robert Edington, President of the CSS Alabama Association, has directed fund raising activities in the United States for the recovery of the Alabama. Saturday evening after the Southern Supper, however, his presentation was on the equally fascinating, innovative and historic Confederate submarine, the H.L. Hunley.

The H.L. Hunley was the first submarine to sink an enemy ship in world history.
A successful submarine attack would not happen again until World War I, more than
half a century later. Though the H.L. Hunley immediately became famous after the
events of February 17, 1864. Best selling author Clive Cussler established the
National Underwater Marine Agency and spent fifteen years searching for Hunley,
which was finally discovered on May 3rd, 1995 by N.U.M.A. archeologists.

The Hunley broke the surface again after 136 years on the ocean floor on August 8, 2000.
See more info' at the website of "The Friends of the Hunley" at http://www.hunley.org/
Trish Kaufmann was wreck diving in North Carolina during that week and heard about
the Hunley recovery first on a dive boat VHF radio. That is the same trip on which she and
her husband, Darryl Boyer, were the first to see colorful and
poisonous lionfish in the Atlantic (usually Pacific waters), which made international
news in the dive and marine biology community http://www.atlantischarters.net
They have since been featured on the Discovery Channel and in various marine publications worldwide.

CSA President Ron Teffs and Andrea Fletcher speaking to Gen. Conrad (Connie Bush) at the open bar preceding the Southern Supper.

Incoming President Jim Monroe and new incoming trustee Tom Royster admire the layout of the Alabama.

Deane Briggs and Jim Monroe enjoy a glass of wine prior to the Southern Supper.

President Ron Teffs and his fiancé, Andrea Fletcher. Ron is moving from his native California to Chicago.

Mobile mid-year convention organizer/host and CSA treasurer Van Koppersmith gave an informal hands-on look at reconstructing the Mobile 5-cent postmaster provisional - his pet project.

General Jerry Palazolo, standing, chats with CSA colonel Bob Outlaw at the Southern Supper.

Generals Ron Tate and Peter Powell examine Deane Briggs award winning exhibit of Florida Confederates.

Kevin Baker, Connie Bush, Peter Powell and Tom Royster enjoy their libations.

CSA treasurer and Mobile mid-year host Van Koppersmith with his lovely wife, Ginger.

President Ron Teffs presents Deane Briggs with the winning medal for his one frame exhibit of Florida as Van Koppersmith looks on. General Connie Bush created the really lovely award which is a Confederate seal housed in a lovely carte-de-visite type box.

President Ron Teffs thanks dealers Stanley Piller and Jim Taff for sponsoring the cocktail hour and wine during the Southern Supper with a presentation of 10-cent rose coffee mugs. Thanks, gentlemen, for helping to underwrite a great evening! 

Dealer table sponsors were Newton Crouch, John Kimbrough, Hudson McDonald, Roger Oswald, Stanley Piller, Jim Taff, and Phil Warman. Thank you all!

Col. Larry Baum chats with Eileen and John Church from "across the pond".

Bobby Riggs, Hank Bidwell, Connie Bush, and John Kimbrough with Jim Taff and Stanley Piller standing at right almost out of view. John had his ever present laptop computer at the ready, over which many of us discussed the latest e-Bay offerings.

Gen. Peter Powell and Col. Tom Royster converse during the social hour prior to dinner. Pictured in the background are Maxine Garrett, Cols. Larry Baum and Rich Murphy, with Ethel Powell to right.

Jim Monroe shares a story with John and Eileen Church from the U.K.

Incoming Secretary Rich Murphy poses with his wife Betty while Sandra Palazolo, Gen. Roger Oswald and Gen. Jerry Palazolo appear to be plotting something in the back corner.