Mid-Year Gathering

Jacksonville, Florida
November 10-12, 2006

Report and photos submitted by Gen. Trish Kaufmann

The Confederate Stamp Alliance met in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida the weekend of November 10-12, 2006 where about 60 CSA members and guests gathered for the traditional annual Confederate philatelic weekend. Ed Joyce and his wife Leland, the host and hostess for the event, put together a fabulous event with a very active trading and meeting room, superb formal presentations, and the traditional CSA Hospitality Room.

On Saturday evening, a superb Florida style buffet banquet was held for the members and guests with Trish Kaufmann as the dinner speaker. A major annoucement was made that the Confederate Stamp Alliance has secured the rights to the Dietz Confederate States Catalog and Handbook. The Editorial Board was appointed by President Jim Monroe to begin work on the updating and design of a new Confederate Catalog. They are Editor-in-Chief Gen. Trish Kaufmann and Generals Jerry Palazolo and Frank Crown. Many other members will also be asked to help contribute as section editors. The proposed catalog will be a new design with vast updating from the last issue in 1986 and anticipated full color. The new catalog is slated to be ready in time for the Confederate Stamp Alliance's 75th Anniversary in 2010. You can read more about it at the catalog project website at www.csacatalog.org

Formal Presentations included --

  • "The Confederate Ram CSS Arkansas" by Don Garrett.
  • "Florida in the Confederacy" by Deane Briggs MD, which included a detailed discussion of Confederate postal history from the Jacksonville area along with a second presentation on the the Florida Bryant-Stephens correspondence.
  • "Georgia Postmaster Provisionals" by Frank Corwn.
  • "The Madison, Florida Postmasters Provisionals" by Trish Kaufmann, which traced the history of these rare stamps from discovery through the certification process and eventual listing in a new section of the Scott Catalogue

For the second time at the annual gathering, formal one-frame exhibits were shown. Our thanks to the following members who showed their exhibits --

Deane Briggs MD -- Confederate Florida Patriotics.
Ed Joyce -- Confederate Florida.
Larry Baum -- Confederate Advertising Covers.
James Monroe -- Confederate States Navy.

The One-Frame Exhibit Award was presented to Larry Baum for his display of CSA Advertising Covers. The Alliance also thanks Gen. Connie Bush for the creation of the lovely mementoes presented to all. Judges of the exhibits were Generals Trish Kaufmann and Jerry Palazolo.

In addition to the formal exhibits, Col. James Monroe also displayed his newly discovered and fully authenticated Trans-Mississippi Cover with a new Earliest Known Use for the 40-cent rate of 26 OCT 1863. Just to "gild the lily", the cover also bears an embossed corner card! There is an article forthcoming in the January 2007 issue of the CP. This cover will also be featured in the January issue of The American Stamp Dealer.

CSA Generals in attendance were Generals Conrad L. Bush, Jerry Palazolo, Trish Kaufmann, Roger Oswald, Ron Tate, Rick Calhoun, Tony Crumbley, Frank Corwn, and John Kimbrough.

Many thanks go to the following dealers and members in attendance who helped to underwrite the cost of the event -- John Kimbrough, Stanley Piller, James Taff, Roger Oswald, Tony Crumbley, and Phil Warman.

The next mid-year gathering will be "Memphis in May", hosted by Gen. Jerry Palazolo and his wife Sandra. Check back on this site for more details as they become available.

Col. Henry Bidwell enjoys a glass of wine at the mid-year Southern Supper.

Gen. and Mrs. Tony Crumbley are seated next to Sandra Palazolo.

Editorial Board of the 2010 Confederate Catalog and Handbook: Generals Jerry Palazolo, Trish Kaufmann and Frank Crown.

Col. and Mrs. Harold Katz

Our secretary, Col. Rich Murphy and his wife Betty.>

Our new CP editor, Col. Dick Sine and his wife Charleen. Col. Phil Warman looks on.>

Gen. Ron Tate chats with Col. Maurice Bursey

Treasurer Van Koppersmith confers with President Jim Monroe

Roger Oswald's table in the trading room with the one frame exhibits in the background. From Left: Charlie Rice, Roger Oswald, Tom Royster, Ron Tate looking at the exhibits, Deane Briggs, and Elizabeth Pope seated at the table.

Jim Monroe's nearly discovered EKU Trans-Mississippi Cover (top) displayed with another Trans-Mississippi Cover from the same correspondence (Petersburg, Va College Covers as well) from the Larry Baum Collection. The college corner card is at the upper left on both covers but is colorless embossing.

Jim Taff's trading table with Bob Frailey and Henry Bidwell seated at the table. Exhibits in the background.

Trish Kaufmann in her natural habitat looking at covers.

Trish Kaufmann and John Kimbrough

The following photos courtesy of Kevin Baker

Tom and Jennifer Royster (left). Tom is the CP Advertising Manager. Dick and Charlene Sine (right). Dick is the new CP Editor