Mid-Year Gathering

Memphis, Tennessee ,

May 19-21, 2007

Report by Col. Larry Baum Photos courtesy of Gen. John Kimbrough

This year’s hugely successful Mid-year Gathering was hosted by Sandra and Jerry Palazolo in their hometown of Memphis, TN at the University Complex. Most of the out of town guests enjoyed luxury accommodations at the University Holiday Inn which featured two room suites. The meeting and trading rooms were just a short walk across the street in the Fogelman Conference Center.

Many of the 66 registered members and guests that were in attendance arrived Thursday afternoon and were able to enjoy the local cuisine at places like “Corky’s”, “Paulette’s” or “Café Toscana”.

The trading room opened at 10 AM Friday featuring, I believe a record, 9 dealers including; Roger Oswald, Joel Rind, Labron Harris, Trish Kaufmann, Jim Taff, Vicar Warman, John Kimbrough, Tony Crumbley and Stanley Piller. Sales seemed brisk throughout the weekend as members looked for that perfect cover or stamp; in addition Schuyler Rumsey brought his fall sales’ Confederate Collection for viewing.

Friday’s meeting was an open questions and answers forum covering the Confederate States Catalog and Handbook with a Power Point presentation by Editor Trish Kaufmann. Later, Sandra and Jerry hosted a cocktail reception with light snacks at their lovely home, which was a short drive from the hotel. Cocktails and beer were served by the hosts sons Jeff and Jeremy. Guests enjoyed the absolutely perfect weather in the hosts’ wonderful “Charleston” style back yard, while Sandra cooked up more appetizer delicacies. After dinner, the hospitality room was open for drinks and snacks courtesy of Stanley Piller and John Kimbrough and, as always, the room was filled with lively conversation throughout the weekend.

Saturday’s meetings started off by a very informative presentation on “Confederate Soldiers Mail” by Stefan Jaronski. The afternoon’s meeting was an open discussion on how to handle Postmaster Provisionals in the new CSA Catalog, headed by Editors Frank Crown and Jerry Palazolo. Dinner was held that evening at Howard Hall, a magnificent turn of the century mansion in mid-town. The evening’s reception was hosted by Schuyler Rumsey with our very able bartenders Jeff and Jeremy at the helm again.

This year’s gathering was attended by a record four new members who seemed to enjoy the festivities. The longest drive of this new group was made by a lovely couple from Atlanta. Oh, I forgot to mention that’s Atlanta, Michigan. We were also pleased to see the Churches, our “across the pond” guests who were on a couple weeks holiday to the States.

This was one of the most enjoyable mid-year gatherings that I have attended; surprisingly cool weather for the South, great camaraderie, good food and wonderful hosts!

Trading Room --- Tables from the left; Roger Oswald , Joel Rind and
Labron and Mary Harris

Trading Room --- Tony Crumbley’s (left) very active table with Frank
Crown, Schuyler Rumsey, Stefan Jaronski and Trish Kaufmann

A popular place – The open bar at the Palazolo home during the Friday
evening cocktail party.

The CSA Hospitality Room is a major tradition of all CSA meetings – A
place where members can get together in the afternoons and evenings
(often far into the early morning hours) for CSA Philatelic Fellowship.

The Host for the event, Jerry Palazolo flanked by his two sons, our often
overworked bartenders, Jeff (left) and Jeremy (right). Thanks so much for a
job well done!!